Wednesday, September 5, 2018

We Did It

I've been married for one month and some change... this is the life. I won't even try to share everything about our wedding that made it amazing. Instead, here's a piece of that day that is especially important to me—maybe the most important part about it all. It's certainly the part that I better not never even think about forgetting. And so, with my Boo's permission, I'm going public with my vows.



I vow to be there. To show up. To be on point, on beat and always in tune with you.

I vow to be consistent, reliable, dependable and on time... to be your personal drummer.

I vow to keep learning from you about what it means to always be kind and considerate, and to get better at it so that you don't always have to be that person for both of us.

I vow to continue being your personal chef, and to make fewer dishes along the way. I vow to learn how to cook Armenian food.

I vow to keep making trips to Tulsa and back.

I vow to keep supporting your snacking habit in a responsible fashion.

I vow to tell you more often that you are beautiful, regardless of how obvious it is to everyone in every room you've ever been in... to keep asking you out on dates in the middle of the week, and to keep sharing plates.

I vow to never forget who you are, and to never ask you to change. But I also vow to grow with you as you do change, because change will come.

I vow to keep it simple, except during Carnaval, in which case I vow to turn up with you every year until our knees and back just won't let us anymore.

I vow to become that adorable old couple with you. The ones whose names are always mentioned together... like Wil and Carolyn*... still two people, but hard to imagine without each other.

I vow to keep you at the center and to let our life together flow from there.


* Wil & Carolyn are my Godparents... they served as Officiant and Flower Girl at our wedding.

The following photos demonstrate that, so far, I have stuck by my vow to support Allison in her global snacking adventures... This is us (her) pictured exploring the various treats available in Kenya (and Dubai) on our honeymoon.



  1. You look so content Apple. I am so happy you found your soul/heart/love/peace... Many blessings to you both. Love you always.

  2. Your vows are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing and for inspiring my love as well. All the best to you both from Germany!

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  4. Andrew, I guess that you'll always amaze me!
    Today, your incredible eloquence & commitment to your beautiful wife, Allison, is appropriate and worthy and no other. I feel blessed to love you both.

  5. Yay!so happy for you and your love!