Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 Things I Missed About Guahan

I'm back "home" on Guam after a month away from the island. I thought I'd change up the format a little for this post, so here goes my "5 Things I Missed About Guahan" list, in no particular order.

Located on the water next to Chamorro Village. Where else can you get sushi this fresh, and this tasty at this price? This is what 5 dollars worth looks like:

Just a few blocks away from home, and also from my favorite food spot (see #5) is my favorite drank spot. The Venue almost always has a live band playing downstairs, with a DJ in the upstairs room a few nights a week. I'm looking forward to having my going away party there next Friday.

The movement's been moving since I've been gone. Just over a week ago, the Governor introduced an Executive Order to officially change the the name of the island (back) to Guahan, which means "What We Have." On Tuesday we attended U.S. Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo's annual address to the island's Congress. This week was also the deadline for public comment on the military buildup, so We Are Guahan was present in full effect at the address. Now that the deadline has passed, the focus in on getting Obama to speak with the community, not just "on-base," when he visits next month. On Sunday I checked out a campaign party/rally on the beach for gubernatorial candidate, Carl Gutierrez, to round out my week in politics. Mr. Gutierrez wrapped up his speech by saying that he was unequivocally in favor of the military build-up, and it seemed to me that most of the crowd was also. It was a little weird when the band that came on after the speech started of their set by covering John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change," and then followed up with "Zombies" by The Cranberries. I was catching mixed messages, but as always, I enjoyed the music and the free hot dogs and beer.

2. Vicky and the Folks
The Chamorro family love has been good to me! The Leon Guerreros are still putting up with me with a smile! The homies are ridiculous, and this week was no exception. Ronnie's birthday dinner was a good time, even when it turned into a roast. Saturday was Hush Masquerade which turned out to be the best party party that I've been to on Guam. Live House band (as in house music, not as in the same tired ass musicians every week); DJ's who still play music from California, and a finale performance from Jovan the Oddchild and Million Billion. Melvin (aka Million Billion) is one of the handful of folks on-island that I had met before I got here; but, I hadn't seen him perform since we met in Hawaii (2006?), so that was cool.

1. The Sunsets