Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Haiku Therapy

In the week since my last post I have been showered with love from my folks and family around the world. You guys are amazing. Thank you for caring, thank you for reading, and thank you for reaching out to remind me that it's all going to work out perfectly, whatever that may end up looking like. Unfortunately, I have not come any closer to making a decision about what's next. I am still waiting on information from Peace Corps about the logistics and options for possibly transferring to another country to complete the second year of my service. Meanwhile, your love and support has taken so many forms, but one of you went the extra mile. So, in the continuing spirit of art therapy, I wanted to share with you an untitled haiku composed by my friend, Adriana, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer*.

Drew, I am so sorry
enjoy the time you have left
change is beautiful

Thanks Adriana, I needed that. In the meantime, all haikus are welcome, even if they are not as sweet as this one. It could be a simple as:

Quit your crying, boy!
Luckiest man alive, right?
Let's go out swingin'.

Pura Vida,


* Adriana served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco from 2009-2011. After completing her service she stopped in Cape Verde to join us for Thanksgiving week before returning home to Queens, New York.

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