Friday, April 13, 2012

Plan Colombia

I was tempted to title this post, “Luckiest Man Alive, Part. 3,” or, “Muah Hah Hah,” because that is how I am feeling right now. Yesterday, I was offered the opportunity to transfer Baranquilla to serve as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer. Cool, right? Oh, you haven’t even heard the good part yet. I would be working as a Youth Outreach Specialist with a soccer program called Fútbol Con Corazón. Here is the job description...

Title: Youth Outreach Specialist- Soccer (Colombia)
Country: Colombia
Language Qualifications: Spanish
Program Area: Youth Development
Partner: Fútbol Con Corazón

Multiple Peace Corps Response Volunteers are needed to serve as Youth Outreach Volunteers for Fútbol Con Corazón. Fútbol Con Corazón is a grass-roots social change model that uses soccer to provide new opportunities for over 2,000 children living below the poverty line in Colombia. Fútbol Con Corazón fills the gap in before-school and after-school programs for Colombia’s poverty-stricken youth. Due to budget cuts and overpopulation, children in Colombia go to school for only half a day. In their free time, many become involved in gang activity, prostitution, the drug trade, or are recruited by illegal armed groups. With six current sites in operation, Fútbol Con Corazón works alongside various organizations to focus on youth empowerment, conflict resolution, decreasing dropout rates, and increasing gender equality. 

Peace Corps Response Volunteers fluent in Spanish and experienced in youth outreach are needed to assist Fútbol Con Corazón in extending their program and providing increased one-on-one attention to participants. The Volunteers will conduct soccer workshops and training and conduct life-skills workshops, serving as a role model for the children. The PCRVs will be responsible for attending monthly planning meetings, assisting with monitoring and evaluation activities, and participating in an orientation program to better understand Fútbol Con Corazón. Additionally, the Volunteers will provide feedback and suggestions for Fútbol Con Corazón’s current youth development curriculum, and assist the organization with their outreach efforts to the participants’ parents. The goal of this project is for the Volunteers to support site leaders in the areas of soccer training, life skills workshops, and health and nutritional activities.

Academic Qualifications
- Bachelor's Degree

Mandatory Qualifications
- Spanish Fluency
- Two years of experience with youth outreach/teaching life skills, particularly with urban youth
- High tolerance for sun/heat

Desired Qualifications
- Degree in the field of social development
- Background in sports, social work, or psychology


Hmmmmmm... let me think. Yes.

Pura Vida,




  1. That sounds so so cool Andrew :) I am so happy for you. I am glad that you are so happy. Reading your blog makes me happy! If you get to travel around South America, go to Quit and stay at the Posada de Maple. Its a Bed and Breakfast hostel I stayed at during a Global Roots trip and while there I met tons of cool Peace Corps volunteers. Chatting with them was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

    1. Aaaah, Global Roots! Where it all started for me! Quito is definitely on the short list for travels... More importantly, congratulations to your brother!!!

  2. Congrats!! Awesome news & sounds like it couldn't possibly be a more perfect fit! If you make it down to Peru, let me know - my cousin runs a hostel by the beach and surf tours in the North. -Angela

    1. Ok, now that is 2 more good reasons to check out Peru... inshallah!

  3. I've been so impressed by your resiliency throughout this whole process. I can't think of a better person for the job. Burners Football Network Worldwide!

  4. Andrew! I came across your blog randomly and really enjoyed reading about your experiences in the Peace Corps. It sounds amazing. I've traveled to Africa several times (including Mali) and have wanted to go to Cape Verde but haven't made it yet. And the Peace Corps has always intrigued me. I look forward to checking in on your experiences on this blog. Blessings to you on your journey. Peace!

    1. Eva!!! And it's only been a decade or so since we've talked. I'm glad you found me, we'll stay in touch :)

  5. This is PERFECT for you!!!! Not that I want you to leave CV, but oh wow! You can get (kinda) paid doing that??!!! :)))))

    I'm going to be in Mindelo April 20-22 and will try to go to Santa Luzia on April 21. PLEASE TELL ME that you will be around!!!!

    1. Yup! Iºm headed to santiago on the 22nd, so don't lag when you get here!

  6. Hi Andrew,
    I"m relieved that you'll be in Colombia. I think it will be much safer. I really want to visit Bogota in the next year or so. It would be great to see you. Keep up the incredible work and growth.

  7. And it all worked out in the end... Congratulations! We're coming to visit. How long are you assigned there?